I Tried Sun Basket – Here’s What I Thought

I Tried Sun Basket – Here’s What I Thought

In my ideal world, I would eat out at my favorite Philadelphia restaurants every night. But sadly, budget and my waistband don’t allow for that luxury, which means most weeks I spend hours cooking at home.

Preparing meals each week can be a huge chore. You need to run to the grocery store, find ingredients, lug them to the cashier, load up your car and then unload them again. It’s no surprise retailers have rushed to find ways to make this process a lot easier. Today’s busy people can choose from quite some meal delivery services. Meal delivery services have become big business. Multiple meal delivery services have arisen in the past few years. One of the newest is a company called Sun Basket.

Healthy Cooking

Many meal delivery services specialize in a particular kind of market. Some offer meals designed for those who love to cook and want to try some out of the ordinary ingredients while others are for vegans. Sun Basket, as the name implies, is all about healthy cooking and healthy eating. This service offers organic ingredients with no GMOs. All Sun Basket boxes are completely USDA-certified organic. You can further customize your order if you want to eat Paleo or you need gluten-free choices that won’t clog your digestive system. Head chef, Justine Kelly, selects each dish.

Ordering Sun Basket

I live in one of the thirty-four states Sun Basket delivers to so it was easy for my order. Ordering was very straightforward. You must opt for the subscription service; however, the site said I could cancel Sun Basket at any time. This cancellation policy made it easy for me to get a single box and try it out. While a typical box is $68 for three meals for two, plus $5.99 shipping, I found a Sun Basket promo code on BoxedMealz. With this discount, I got half off my first box and free shipping!

To select my shipment, I looked through the menu carefully. There are several choices. One of the things I liked is just how many choices there are for this one. I opted for the Chef’s Choice. This one is centered around dishes designed by the company’s chef. I don’t have health problems, and there’s just the two of us. You can pick out a family menu, but you have to decide between the classic menu and the family menu before you order each week. I’m also watching my weight, so it was nice to have the chance to opt for meals that are line with my weight goals.

The Cooking Experience

After careful consideration, I went with three menu items: Thai steak Panang curry with jasmine rice, Soba noodle salad with avocado and edamame and Gingered Turkey meatballs in Japanese mushroom broth. The box arrived at my house promptly. Each ingredient was easy to find. I do some cooking, so I’m familiar with basic techniques. They give you some detailed instructions. The first thing I did was check that all the ingredients were present. After that, it was on to meal prep. They do everything for you like peeling the garlic. The net result? Simple, easy and great meals. We had a fabulous meal with enough for the next two days.

While I can’t financially commit to ordering Sun Basket every week, I think this meal delivery service will be one we order on occasion. The delivery was prompt, the recipes easy-to-follow (and healthy), and the food delicious.

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